Who Should and Who Can Raise a Boy or Son


The answer to who should and how to bring up a boy, a son, in most of the heads of fellow citizens is formulated as follows:

– Must father, man, by example.

Or, something like that.

But everyone, especially in our time, knows: must does not mean must. And the most important thing is that the one who should, is available. And can-knows how to raise a boy, a son.

What’s more, we now, almost everyone has a reflex at the word “should”. They begin to shake their soul and body: Who, Me!? Owe!? I don’t owe anyone or anything.

Sometimes it’s like this: Nobody owes anybody anything!

Well, what can you do: that is a consequence of the ideology of the rotten West. Coupled with our post-Soviet ideology which is unclear and constitutionally forbidden.

Like: Everybody owes me and I don’t. Or: And I will also see whether or not it is profitable for me to be indebted to someone.

In general, the twisted and forgotten: man is a wolf to man.

It is complete idiocy to live and act with such slogans.

Especially a man, a husband and a father: he does not owe his wife, children or family! And who needs him, such a good man, then?

And, then, on the subject: Who and how to bring up a boy, a son?

To make a son is to impregnate a woman: should or should not, who cares.

But raising him, raising him, knowing how to raise a boy, a son as a man, is, without “should”, no way to do it.

How to raise a boy, a son

Raises anyone who takes responsibility, and knows how to raise a boy

Therefore, the answers, how to bring up a boy, a son, to become a man, are unambiguous.

If we are honest and fair, correct and right:

– It is up to the father to bring up, if available. And, most importantly, if he is able to bring up and knows how to bring up his son.

That is, the educator himself must be educated, – be a man himself. And not just a man, with male sexual characteristics.

– Anybody can raise a boy to be a man, as long as he takes responsibility for it.

Apart from the father, from the mother, stepfather, grandmother, grandfather, and anyone else who has taken the boy’s fate into his own hands.

But, again, only someone who KNOWS how to raise a boy to be a man.

A father has to raise him. And if he can’t, doesn’t know how to raise a boy, a son.

Of course, as we can see, ideally, the example of the father is desirable, but not necessary. Especially if he is not raising his son, for one reason or another.

The most common reasons: divorce, when the son is left with his mother. Or, when the mother “gave birth to a child for herself.

But in general: the one who raises a boy to be a man is the one who knows what a real man should be like.

This includes a mother, including a single mother.

To a certain extent, a bad father will only hinder the upbringing of a boy as a man, if he himself is not one.

How to raise a boy, a son

How to bring up a boy, a son, the general principles of raising a child

How to bring up a boy, a son? However, this also applies to the upbringing of a girl, a daughter.

In general, is it a question of educating a child or, precisely, bringing him up?

In everyday communication with a child, a parent may find it difficult to understand and distinguish where he raises the child, and where he teaches him.

It is logical to assume that: by teaching we mean teaching or helping to teach various knowledge. Of course, first of all, those that are taught in school.

Then education can safely be considered everything else that is not related to the lessons.

Another thing is that, in raising a child, we also teach him or her. Mainly about WHAT we can do and WHAT we cannot do.

And, of course, as a rule, we add “moral” to it: why this is allowed and why this is not.

Do not teach your child to be something he is not.

After all, you parents see and understand perfectly well that your child, as well as all people, is an alloy of inborn and acquired properties. And the body, and the psyche, and the mind, and the senses.

From these individual properties, combined with acquired knowledge and habits of behavior, the child’s personality is formed.

Which then grows into the corresponding personality of an adult.

What is the parent’s task here, how to bring up a boy, a son?

We need to teach the child to recognize, appreciate and respect his own characteristics. By doing this, we strengthen the child’s awareness of his “I”.

And with this, an understanding of their capabilities, their desires, their goals, their interests, and so on.

The formation of self-consciousness – awareness of oneself as different from the rest, makes the child more adequate socially – in communication with peers and adults.

If, of course, parents do not “go too far” in forming the child’s self-esteem. Developing his innate egoism into hypertrophied egoism or narcissism.

That is, with the help of a parent or parents, the child must learn, once and for all:

– that all other people are as individual as he himself;

– that, whether you like or dislike a person, he/she must be reckoned with as a bearer of a certain personality;

– that one can imagine anything about oneself, and it often does not correspond to reality;

– one can establish a real evaluation of oneself only in relations with other people, by comparing and analyzing oneself in relation to them;

– at the same time, subjecting everything and everyone, especially yourself, to criticism and doubt.

How to raise a boy, a son

A man is independent. When and how to bring up a boy to be independent

When to bring up a boy to be independent? As soon as the child begins to form self-awareness – his “I”. This is at the age of 1.5-3 years.

It is with the formation of the “I”, begins to form the identity of the person – who he will be. And now, and most importantly, in the future.

Principles of how to raise a boy to be independent