Non-Toxic Pest Control at Home

Domestic pests are present all the time, but they are more frequent in the summer in particular for many reasons, and this matter is the subject of many people’s inquiries, as they are surprised by the multiplication of domestic insects in the summer more than in the rest of the seasons, and therefore there is a lot of search for ways to get rid of them household insects. Most resort to insecticides, which is an effective way to get rid of household insects, but it has its disadvantages and disadvantages, especially if there are young children or infants in the house. And one of the reasons for the presence of pests in the house is:

  • The presence of plant basins in the house, these basins and the dirt in them will be a nice refuge for ants, especially in the summer because there is a percentage of moisture in them.
  • The extreme heat in the summer calls for opening the windows, and then the path is easy for the mosquito to enter the house, and it is nourished by the blood of the inhabitants of the house by stinging.
  • Lack of attention to the cleanliness of cupboards in the kitchen. Any trace of food or sweets leftovers, even if the amount of corn is a reason to attract various insects such as cockroaches, ants or flies.
  • Forgetting some exposed food, or leaving the peel of the fruit exposed without putting it in a garbage bag, the sight of the peel and exposed food will be tempting to insects.
  • Leaving the garbage bag for a long time without changing it, will cause the breeding of insects annoyingly, or leaving the garbage can without a cover.

Ways to control Non-Toxic Pest at Home

It is true that insecticides are one of the most common ways to get rid of household insects, due to their great effectiveness in eliminating household insects in their various forms. Ways to get rid of household insects with natural preparations, and these methods include:

Sprinkle quantities of lemon juice or vinegar in the corners of the house to help get rid of ants.
Putting quantities of mint and aromatic herbs such as basil and rosemary on the edges of windows helps get rid of flies and ants as well.
Cultivation of purple blossom and hot pepper has a great role in keeping insects away and eliminating their presence in the house.

Cockroach pests come out at night and feed on crumbs, leaves, pet food, etc. And good cleaning is one of the important methods of keeping them out. When cockroaches do not find anything to eat, and when you put adhesive tape and seal the holes in the wall with it, this stops the movement of this pest in the house, and thus they are eliminated

Putting a quantity of lavender, rosemary, cloves and cinnamon in a bag, and placing it in cupboards to protect it from the approach of insects

Soap and water helps to eliminate many insects such as ants and cockroaches, by spraying a solution of soap and water on the insects directly, which leads to killing them.

A solution of tobacco can be made by putting 40 grams of tobacco with a liter of water and leaving it for 48 hours, then filtering the tobacco from the water well, then adding a liter of water to the filtered solution and spraying it with the house and gardens, this solution helps to get rid of the most dangerous insects

You can mix a little water with concentrated vinegar and use it to clean floors, as vinegar helps to completely eliminate crawling insects in the house, especially ants.

Pests spread in the hot summer months, as some insects lay their eggs in garbage, soil, grass clippings, sewage, water, animal waste, or rotting food. Removing garbage from the surroundings of the house, not leaving doors open, and covering foods

Pests can be disposed of through the use of insecticides, or natural methods, where boric acid or borax powder is sprinkled around entrances, and along any visible paths, and care must be taken to keep children and animals away from the areas where the pesticide is placed, and acid can be placed Borek contains an amount of cornmeal or sugar

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