How to prepare your home for pest control

Pests are a very annoying problem, and we have to deal with them daily in homes, especially if they are insects that feed on blood. Despite their important ecological role, they can be a real nuisance even outdoors, in addition to some of these insects transmitting diseases. And these are the most important things to prepare your house for pest control

Bed washing

Bedding must be washed every week or two, and the water temperature must be 54.5 degrees Celsius, so that it can kill moths, or any household pests, and it must be noted that washing with colder water does not kill domestic moths, but only removes it from the bed. bedding.

Carpet removal

Removing carpets from bathroom is the most successful way to get rid of bed mites and reduce their presence in the house.

Cleaning hard surfaces

Wiping hard surfaces with a damp towel will remove more than 90% of household pests.

Change the location of the bedroom

Changing the location of the bedroom is essential , especially if it is being in the basement, usually the humidity is higher in the basement compared to other floors.


Dehumidifiers can help remove an amount of household pests, and the humidity should be less than 35%, for at least 22 hours a day.


Use chemicals specifically designed to control pests, but are not effective enough in controlling household insects. Air purifiers or filters can also be used.

Pruning houseplants

Insects can be prevented from reaching the house by trimming the branches of any tree or shrub that allows the presence of insects on them, and the ideal shelter for pests should not be provided, by covering the soil surrounding the house with rocks or stones, and making the soil dry, and thus this will prevent insects from being around the home.



Ensure the safety of windows and doors

Pests can enter through small cracks and small gaps. Therefore, protecting the house from pests requires repairing any distortions or broken windows and doors. This also needs to examine all sides of the house, and make sure that there are no cracks and gaps in the vicinity of the house, and in the foundations of the house, Inspect the roof of the house, and the cracks around the utility lines, including water pipes, electrical wires, and cables, and repair the cracks by placing copper mesh, steel wool, or even metal sheets in the cracks area.

Banish the trash

Household pests are disposed of by throwing garbage from the house and its yards and surroundings, and it should be ensured that there is no garbage near the house, as well as removing weeds from the vicinity of the house, and it must be ensured that the garbage cans contain tight lids, and garbage cans must be cleaned And the area of ​​​​the presence of garbage on a continuous and regular basis, in order to remove any remnants of garbage, which is a source of food for household insects.

Getting rid of stagnant water

It is better to check the house and its surroundings and the outside yard to ensure that there are no pools of water, as pests are attracted to this water, especially open ponds and undehydrated yards. Therefore, it is recommended to properly clean and dry these sites to prevent the accumulation of insects on them.

Using curtains on the windows

A curtain or a screen can be used on the windows of the house to reduce the entry of insects inside, and the curtains used on the doors are not effective as those used on the windows, because pests are usually attracted to the smells of food and gatherings of people where insects gather outside the door curtain and enter hidden into Inside the house when you open the door, so be careful when placing a curtain on the door to have a strong spring to close the door quickly and tightly.

Seal and close doors

Closing and sealing the doors of the house is one of the ways that helps to repel pests, so you must pay attention to all the entrances to the house, and make sure that there are no unclosed gaps that allow insects to pass through, and one of the ways that contribute to solving this problem is to install a solid threshold, whether from steel or Aluminum under the door, the use of a chemical to close the joint that connects the door frame and the wall, as an extension of the lower part of the door frame that meets the floor.

Maintain hygiene

Pests can be controlled by keeping the house clean, by getting rid of food leftovers, washing dishes, utensils, cups, and cutlery after use, and sealing food leftovers before placing them in the trash. Maintain cleanliness of all seats, cabinets, and floors, and make sure that they are free of food waste. Clean the areas behind the oven, refrigerator, and other household appliances. Clean the toilet properly, get rid of traces of urine and feces, and make sure that all septic tanks, and other drains are closed.

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