How to distinguish a smart person from a dumb one by external signs


To distinguish a smart person from a dumb person, you need insight and a lot of life experience. Even an intelligent person.

And it is very easy to make a mistake here.

Think, for example, of how many people, quite intelligent, have tied their lives to stupid, stupid people by the bonds of marriage.

Or, for example, how many friends-friends turned out to be stupid (horribly so).

That is, we “thought they were smart,” but they turned out to be dumb. With all the sad consequences.

Visually – by looking at the face, eyes, manners, and other things, it is almost impossible to distinguish a smart person from a dumb one.

The connoisseurs point to a clever glint in the eyes, but more often they refer to intuition. Like, I can feel that this person is dumb, and this one is smart.

Often considered a sign of dullness is the chattiness of a person. Or “rustic” honesty, sincerity, naivety, and the like.

All this is not the case, for whether an intelligent person or a dullard can equally possess these features of their personality.

Moreover, both the clever man and the stupid man can deceive, both in words and in their deeds.

In principle, though, identifying a dumb person is simple:

Just put him in a non-standard situation. Where he will be forced, literally, to think with his own mind. That is, without applying the knowledge of his group self-consciousness “We”.

But there is also a problem: how a smart person will interpret the words and behavior of a dumb, stupid person.

After all, self-criticism and doubt are peculiar to him who is smart. And this, quite often, makes him rehabilitate stupid, stupid people. And consider them to continue to be his “brothers in reason.

How to Behave with Stupid, Stupid People

There is no point in proving to a stupid person that he is stupid. He is a formed individual with innate qualities of stupidity and stupidity.

Naturally, he, like any human being, would be offended by being considered dumb, stupid.

But, unlike an intelligent person, who can agree that: somewhere, somehow, with someone, he is dumb. For he has self-criticism and doubts.

Dumb people, when treated as dumb, and even just neutrally kindly, always show wariness. And further: aggressiveness.

For they recognize as their equals only those who are as stupid as themselves. That is, belonging to their collective-group consciousness and self-consciousness.

But there is an essential peculiarity here.

If the dumb person is in a relationship with a person who is superior to him in some significant way. First of all, in social status.

He will usually not only accept his obedience without complaint. But also recognize his stupidity and stupidity, and (a) the cleverness of his “boss.

So, how do you behave with a dumb person if you see that he is dumb and you are smarter than he is?

Actually, there are only two options:

– Or subdue him by putting him, literally, in his place. Which is usually quite difficult.

Unless, initially, the smart person officially occupies a higher place in the social hierarchy.

– If a smart person ends up on the same social ladder as a dumb person. Then he has nothing to do but to tolerate the stupidity and stupidity of those around him.

At the same time trying not to aggravate relations with the crowd of stupid people or their individual representatives.

How many dumb people and how many smart ones are there?

We can judge the number of stupid, stupid people by indirect data. But this data is well supported by the life practices of any sane person.

For example, in many modern textbooks on economics, figures are given for an economically independent population.

This is the percentage of the population that, due to its properties, is able to find ways of “getting by”.

And, as a rule, not only for themselves, but also for other people – to provide them with jobs.

Obviously, these are not stupid people, but just the opposite.

There are about 10-20 percent of such people.

Are smart people bad and dumb?

In my opinion, smart people are not dumb, just as dumb people are not smart. For all of this is genetically conditioned and cannot be corrected.

But it happens, and quite often, that a clever person finds himself among stupid people.

Here he faces a choice, conscious or, more often, unconscious:

– to act like an intelligent person..;

– or, for a while, again consciously or unconsciously, to become a dumb person – “like everyone else.

I emphasize that, precisely, for a while. For an intelligent person cannot endure a stupid environment for long.

He will either run away from it, or he will find a way and strength to subdue it.

Or, if the stupid environment becomes irresistible and unavoidable, he will go mad.

And this needs to be understood: an intelligent person, at least occasionally, needs to have companionship with their own kind – the intelligent ones. Or, at least, to be aware of their existence.